Awika Wind Up

For some reason of which we're not aware, Awika seems to always be in a big hurry. Awika was born when Bonga and Sparklz got together. She has the characteristics of both parents; the tenacious pace of Bonga, and she "does the Sparklz" as well. Awika also has glowing parts, like her uncle Svrocket. Awika is a very good climber; test her with different small objects on your desk to challenge her up and down obstacles. You can also let her climb over your hand, an open book, or, whatever else is on your desk. Enjoy! Colors are assorted, we pick color based on availability.


不知道是什么原因,Awika似乎总是在赶时间。Awika是Bonga和Sparklz的结晶。她俱有两位父母的特质 — Bonga顽强的步伐和Sparklz的「闪闪火花」技能。而且,Awika跟她叔叔Svrocket一样,也会局部发光。Awika是个攀爬高手,你可以通过不同的桌上小物件来考验和挑战她的爬行能力。你也可以让她爬过你的手,摊开的书本,或其它在你桌上的东西。跟Awika痛快地玩个够吧! 有各种各样的颜色,我们将根据供应情况而挑选。
不知道是什麼原因,Awika似乎總是在趕時間。Awika是Bonga和Sparklz的結晶。她俱有兩位父母的特質 — Bonga頑強的步伐和Sparklz的「閃閃花火」技能。而且,Awika跟她叔叔Svrocket一樣,也會局部發光。Awika是個攀爬高手,你可以通過不同的桌上小物件來考驗和挑戰她的爬行能力。你也可以讓她爬過你的手,攤開的書本,或其它在你桌上的東西。跟Awika痛快地玩個夠吧! 有各種各樣的顏色,我們將根據供應情況而挑選。

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