Oahaca Wind Up

Oahaca belongs to a group so unruly and wild, we had to put him on a leash! There are two ways you can set Oahaca in motion: when you pull the Saturn on top, you can hold on to the pull-string and guide it through, or you can let it go and see what happens. Oahaca is the first member of a new family of windups with double spinning off-center weights, and a pull-string. Enjoy! Colors are assorted, we pick color based on availability.


Oahaca属于难以驾驭和肆无忌惮的一群,以致我们必须用绳子牵着他! 有两个方法可以启动Oahaca:拉起他顶端的土星时,你可以牵着拉绳为他引路,又或者放手看看有什么事情发生。Oahaca是新发条家族第一位拥有偏重心双边旋转齿轮(及拉绳)的成员。跟Oahaca痛快地玩吧! 有各种各样的颜色,我们将根据供应情况而挑选。
Oahaca屬於難以駕馭和肆無忌憚的一群,以致我們必須用繩子牽著他! 有兩個方法可以啟動Oahaca:拉起他頂端的土星時,你可以牽著拉繩為他引路,又或者放手看看有什麼事情發生。Oahaca是新發條家族第一位擁有偏重心雙邊旋轉齒輪(及拉繩)的成員。跟Oahaca痛快地玩吧! 有各種各樣的顏色,我們將根據供應情況而挑選。 

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